Drone Academy Podcast: Justin Kyser – Schedudrone

What is Schedudrone?

Drone service providers have a challenging landscape today, with growing competition from new licensed (and unlicensed) drone pilots.  That’s why it is so important to find every possible edge you can to keep you flying.  In this episode, Schedudrone CEO, Justin Kyser teaches us about one of those edges.     

The Why.

After founding Digital Sky in 2015, Justin realized quickly that he spent a great deal of time performing administrative tasks like getting mission location data and creating bids for customers.  He wanted to create a tool that would make it easier for providers to get mission planning data (like location and mission type) from their clients while maximizing the time spent flying instead of doing paperwork.

This resulted in the creation of Schedudrone a SaaS product that promises to streamline the process of gathering data from your new and existing clients.  Think of it as your own personal DroneBase; the system allows clients to request services by indicating a preferred service date, plotting the location on a map, indicating what type of mission it is (mapping, photos, videos, etc.), and providing contact information.  From there, the mission shows up in the user’s Schedudrone Dashboard and even gives them a recommended bid for the job based on the mission criteria and the user’s predefined rates.  


To hear more from Justin, watch the full interview below and visit his website website, www.schedudrone.com

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