Community Hero

Congratulations on earning the Community Hero Badge!  You got caught going above and beyond to help another member of the community or working to improve the Drone Academy experience!  You're what makes Drone Academy awesome!

A+ Student

Congrats on getting an A+ on the Part 107 Prep Course's Final Exam!

Daylight Ops

Congratulations on completing the 107.29 Daylight Operations Course! Let us know if you need help with your 107.29 Waiver Application!


Congrats for earning the Shutterbug Badge!  Sharing your photos in the community is a great way to 'show off', get advice, or just inspire others to create amazing things!!

5 of 5 times earned


You've taken the time and effort to write a blog post to share your thoughts on drones! It was so good that we published it; congratulations!

2 of 2 times earned

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