• I see that I have been missing out on a lot of good stuff! I am`excited to jump in and be more active as soon as I get done with my upcoming Florida real estate broker exam! I am excited to learn and share ideas off with you cool people.


  • When taking the practice exam it says (Refer to FAA-CT-8080-2G, Figure 12.). For question such as: What is the current altimeter setting for (KLAX)?
    Am I missing how to find the chart? There is nothing on the exam question to go to in order to see it.

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  • Thank you, Jonathan, for the initial screen on the $3M! πŸ™‚ Much appreciated that it was right there up front.

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    Jason Conway posted an update 4 weeks ago

    Just signed up wanting to have extra income flying

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    Hey Everyone! I’m just starting to study for my Part 107. Has anyone taken the training here? Is it worth upgrading from the Community Edition to get access? TIA!

    • Hey James! We work very hard to make sure our students are successful! In fact, 99% of our students pass the Part 107 Exam on the first try! Plus, our money back guarantee means that there is no risk to you!
    • Hey Everyone! Excited to be a part of the community! Hoping to learn some great stuff πŸ™‚

    • How about the quiz where the maps and diagrams are single images that reside on the same page as the questions, rather than having to refer to a PDF with many pages?
      • Congrats on Finishing your Course Guys. Next step is to Get Yourself Prepared for the Part 107 Test. I STRESS🗣 💢WE Cannot do this part for you💢 Use this platform to ready yourself!

        Your Plate is at the Table Waiting. Study for your Exam, Get Certified and let’s all eat together💸💸

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