Mavic 2 Teased in New Video Ahead of Launch

After a long wait, DJI is almost ready to unveil their latest aircraft, the Mavic 2 Series.  Originally set to be released on July 18th, a last minute cancelation left many fans wondering when DJI would show off the newest addition to their fleet.  While much about the new aircraft has leaked out over the last month, DJI has decided to give us the first ‘official’ glimpse at the new Mavic in a :30 promo video released just the other day.    

The Aircraft

While the new video only gives us a glimpse of the aircraft itself, it also gives us several ideas about likely features for the new Mavic 2.  Because of this fact, I’ll only spend a moment on the aircraft itself and then dive into some of the features.

Look at that power button…that’s a nice power button.  One thing caught my attention though.  On my Mavic Pro, there are small LEDs below the power button that give you an idea how much juice you have left.    Interestingly, I haven’t seen those LEDs in any of the leaked images, suggesting they might have been removed.  My guess is that this LED ring changes color based on battery level.  In case you haven’t been following along, here is what we know about the upcoming Mavic 2 Series.’

Mavic 2 Pro – The flagship device of the Mavic 2 Series will have a 1″ sensor built in conjunction with Hasselblad.  It will also feature Active Track 2.0 and improved collision avoidance.  The larger sensor of this aircraft should improve low light performance and put it on par with the Phantom 4 Pro.


Mavic 2 Zoom – The Zoom will swap the 1″ CMOS for a smaller sensor with a 2x Zoom capability (24-48mm.)  This will open up features like Dolly Zoom (Vertigo Effect) that showed up in the recently released Parrot Anafi.  (Is it possible that DJI rescheduled the launch to ensure feature parity with its French competition?)  


Mavic 2 Enterprise? – Some time ago a leaked image showed what appeared to be a Mavic 2 with various accessories bolted on top.  While this, ‘Enterprise’ model hasn’t shown up since, some are still suggesting that it might be announced on Thursday.  Alternatively, it is possible that these accessories might simply mount onto the Pro and Zoom models.  Again, no mention was made in the Argos catalog, so this is purely speculation.

The Features

The video clearly shows the Dolly Zoom feature as well as a hyperlapse feature.  Currently, shooting hyperlapse footage from a drone requires a great deal of planning, software (like Litchi,) and quite a bit of work in post production.  Having an onboard hyperlapse feature will open a whole new world for amateur drone photographers/cinematographers.  While the Dolly Zoom feature will only be available on the Mavic Zoom model, it is believed that the hyperlapse will be available on both.

The Event

While we already know most of the details about the aircraft, one thing we don’t know is the price.  Speculation has ranged from ~$1,000 to over $1,500 but we won’t know until DJI pulls back the curtain this Thursday at 10am EST.  If you weren’t luck enough to snag an invite to New York for the event, you can still watch the festivities on DJI’s Website.  Also, don’t forget to come back here for our first impressions of the Mavic 2!

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