Does This Leak Show the Unreleased Mavic 2?

The Leak.

Just yesterday, DJI announced that it would be postponing its upcoming (July 18th) press event where they were expected to unveil the new Mavic 2 aircraft.  DJI cited their “standard of innovation” saying, “we wanted to ensure we can exceed out customers’ expectations for our technology by the time of the event.”

This left many enthusiasts frustrated and dismayed at the thought of having to wait an undetermined period of time to get their hands on the newest tech out of Shenzhen.  

In what could almost be seen as an attempt to mitigate the anger surrounding the delay, it appears as though a new morsel has found its way onto the internet, and this one is a doozy!

Could This Be the Unreleased Mavic 2 or Just a Clever Ruse?

Is This For Real?

Well, it’s hard to say for sure if this is real or not.  While it certainly looks real at first glance, many self-proclaimed Photoshop ‘experts’ have suggested that it is clearly ‘shopped.’  They posit that the ‘Mavic 2″ wording is misaligned and indicates a poorly done photoshop. 

While I’m by no means a forensic image expert, a cursory comparison with my Mavic Pro leads me to believe that the image above could very well could be the new Mavic 2! 

Let’s dive into the image itself and see if there is anything to be gleaned:

Improved Build Quality – The aircraft is quite clearly a Mavic, with many design elements carried over from the Mavic Pro.  However, the design and build quality seem to be improved from the first series which, while a category defining aircraft, had many of the hallmarks of a first generation device.


Two Sensors – There is a larger sensor on the aircraft itself which could be the 1″ camera reported by some. To the left of that, a smaller camera is attached to what appears to be a handheld gimbal.  Could this be a 1/1.7″ sensor for the Mavic 2 while the 1″ is reserved for the Mavic 2 Pro?


Swappable Gimbals – As we mentioned earlier, it appears that there are two different sensor sizes and it is likely that they are interchangeable.  It also appears as thought the gimbals might be able to be used in aircraft or handheld mode, a la GoPro Karma.


Motors – The motors seem to be of a larger size than the original Mavic Pro which would suggest more stability, agility, but perhaps less endurance.  


Obstacle Avoidance – The new Mavic 2 clearly has sensors on the front and it is reasonable to assume that it will have them on the sides, back, and bottom as well.

When Will We See It?

DJI has not set a date for their rescheduled “See the Bigger Picture” event, but I can imagine they would like make it happen sooner rather than later.  Like I mentioned, the timing of this leak is somewhat suspect, as if DJI wanted to keep people interested after postponing the event.  With the Autel Evo and Parrot ANAFI now shipping, I’m sure DJI wants to do everything it can to ensure consumers (who are notoriously impatient) wait for DJI’s newest aircraft.

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