How the Hospitality Industry is Putting Drones to Work

The hospitality industry continues to look for new ways to improve the services that are provided to customers and increase the operations of its business. The industry is beginning to use drones to its advantage to perform different tasks with a high level of accuracy and efficiency. Here is how the hospitality industry is utilizing drones in a variety of ways at both resorts and hotels.


When it comes to marketing, the hospitality industry is benefiting with the use of aerial photography that is provided with drones. Drones can take beautiful photos and video of resorts and destinations to ensure that hotels obtain beautiful visuals that are enticing to travelers for a higher level of marketing. Impressive video content that is obtained from the drones can also be used to impress the audience and entice them to book a stay at the resort or hotel.

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Room Service

Some hospitality establishments are now using drones to carry out room service to guests to ensure that their food is delivered quickly and without any delays to their door. The drones can travel at a faster speed and take shortcuts compared to using staff members to deliver the room service. The technology may currently be a trend but can be here to stay due to the efficiency that it offers and its ability to impress guests.


Drones are now used to create accurate maps that resorts can provide to their guests. Aerial site maps are used to help guests learn how to navigate the hotel and exterior property for added convenience when getting around. With accurate maps provided, staff can spend less time providing directions or having to guide guests to different areas on the grounds. Utilizing a drone can cut costs and is more affordable compared to hiring a photographer who must take a helicopter to take the same shots. The drone can even fit in tighter spaces and get in proximity to specific objects, which can make it possible to have more creativity with the photos or video that are captured instead of being limited with a photographer.

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Drones are proving to deliver accurate results and can be used to assist with providing excellent services to customers. By understanding how they are benefiting the hospitality industry, they can be used more frequently to save time and money and deliver exceptional service to guests.


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