French Drone Maker Parrot Stirs From Its Slumber

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It’s been some time since we heard from French drone maker Parrot.  In fact, it was 2016 when they released the small, fixed-wing Disco FPV.  Yet, it seems as though there is something exciting happening within the walls of Parrot and they are giving us a little taste.

If you look hard at Parrot’s website, you’ll see a small link called “It’s Coming.” Click on it and you will be greeted by a teaser suggesting there is something new coming on June 6th at 10:00 am CDT.  While the image doesn’t give us much to work with, it does appear to be a drone battery with a pulsing green light, very similar to DJI’s Mavic series.

It's Coming

The natural first thought is that this hints at a new drone coming from Parrot.  Parrot is possibly best known for its Parrot AR.Drone series aircraft which were more toy thantool but has also pushed into the commercial markets with their investment in Pix4d and aircraft like the Bebop-Pro Thermal.

Could this be a fixed wing replacement for the (no longer available) Disco FPV, a replacement for the Bebop 2, or something else entirely?  Unless more information leaks out earlier, we will have to wait until June 6th to find out.  Let us know what you think/hope it will be in the comments below!

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