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  • Jonathan

    September 14, 2023 at 10:25 pm

    Interestingly enough, the actual language of the policy doesn’t say that they have postponed the RID requirements; rather it says:

    “the FAA will consider all circumstances, in particular, unanticipated issues with the available supply and excessive cost of remote identification broadcast modules and unanticipated delay in the FAA’s approval of FAA-recognized identification areas, when exercising its discretion in determining whether to take enforcement action.”

    So, what does this actually mean given the fact that the FAA sent out an email with the Subject, “FAA Extends Remote ID Enforcement Date Six Months”?

    The local FSDO said that if a pilot is not in compliance but ‘would be if RID modules were available and affordable’, they almost certainly won’t enforce. However, if a pilot is “blowing it off and being very naughty, we might nail you.”

    All that being said, if you can be compliant…be compliant. If you can’t…have a good reason if the FAA asks you.

    If the FAA’s past performance is any measure, I don’t anticipate any enforcement on this until after March 2024 and even then it will be “educate before enforcement”.

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