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Daylight Operations Course (§107.29)

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107.29 – Daylight Operations Course Introduction

Jonathan October 12, 2018

Welcome to Drone Academy’s course on daylight operations.  The part 107 which governs the use of small unmanned aircraft systems is very restrictive when it comes to when you can and cannot fly. one such restriction is that against nighttime flying. As you may remember from your part 107 exam, flying anytime before or after Civil Twilight requires a 107.29 daylight operations waiver.   

One of the things that the FAA wants to see when you’re applying for this waiver is a well-thought-out and documented training plan to ensure that anyone operating underneath the waiver has a firm understanding of the unique considerations of flying at night. this includes the regulatory restrictions on flying at night, the physiology of the human eye,   operational considerations when flying at night and the various illusions of perception that you may experience when operating in darkness and a general concept of how to ensure operational safety when flying in the dark.

So let’s jump right into the regulations and do a recap of what 14 CFR Part 107 has to say about night-time operations.  

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