BMW is helping the Drone Racing League break a Guinness World Record

BMW has long been known for its engineering prowess across several types of motor sports. It appears as though they are taking baby steps into the world of drone racing, as they work with the Drone Racing League (DRL) to break the record of the world’s fastest drone; a record currently held by the DRL itself from one year ago when it reached an ‘official’ top speed of 163.5MPH. (The actual top speed was 179.6MPH, but the official record is the average of two legs, out and back.) Needless to say, this isn’t your average consumer drone we are talking about; this was the DRL Racer X, a handmade machine that was built for one purpose…speed.

This year, BMW wants in on the action and is providing DRL with ‘technical expertise’ and use of the wind tunnel at its Aerodynamic Test Center in Munich as it attempts to set a new record. To further solidify the blossoming partnership, BMW will also be hosting a DRL race at its BMW Welt exhibition center and museum in Munich.

With the ESPN partnership and organizations like Swatch, the U.S. Air Force, and now Cox Communications signed up to sponsor the DRL, it appears as though Drone Racing is moving into the mainstream.

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