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    Hey Dave, welcome!
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    • Time for your weekly #Part107 #popquiz This one’s a two-parter 🙂

      You just got a mission for this weekend, inspecting a tower at N31°14′ W86°17′. Do you need to get airspace approval? If yes, from which controlling authority?


      A. Approval, we don’t need no stinkin’ approval.
      B. Yes, clearance for Rose Hill MOA (…

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    • Yesterday, the FAA published a new rule to the Federal Register which modifies the current labeling requirement for sUAS aircraft.

      Since December 2015 (with a brief period of legal confusion between May 2017 and […]

    • Very cool video @monty-ab! I noticed that it was about 61Mb in size; that’s pretty big for a 1 minute video! I would suggest running it through Handbrake to shrink it down a bit. Not only will it save you space, it will improve streaming performance when you share it online 🙂
      • Attention drone pilots! A new FAA rule requires you to mark the outside of your drone with your FAA-issued registration number by February 23. Learn more at #FlySafe #MarkYourDrone
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      • This could have ended much worse than some superficial injuries. Never fly a drone near someone without the proper safety precautions and risk assessment.
      • Who here thinks they have these kinds of skills? Share your best shots to be featured as our Pilot of the Week!

      • A little late but here’s some #mondaymotivation to help you finish strong! Nothing good comes without hard work! #dronestagram #drones
      • Just picked up a few SanDisk External SSDs ( and loving them so far. What are you using for external storage?

      • That’s a great idea. We will update those questions right away 🙂 Thanks for the suggestion! Keep ’em coming!
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